Orbital Shaking Incubator AI-109B

Orbital Shaking Incubator AI-109B


Product Description

Outer made of M.S. Sheet powder coated & inner chamber is made of thick S.S. Sheet. The gap between two walls is fitted with high grade glass wool. The glass window makes it possible to inspect specimen without disturbing inner Temperature. The unit has a temp. range from ambient to 60°. Temperature is controlled by Dual Display Microprocessor PID Digital Temperature Indicator Cum Controller with a accuracy of + 0.5°C. Air Circulation Fan is provided to maintain stability throughout. Speed of shaker is variable from 30 RPM to 250 RPM.The tray of the shaker is also made of S.S. Sheet with Lotus type clamps to hold flasks. Unit is fitted with Digital RPM Meter, 999 min digital time.

Capacity (ml)
  • 9 Flasks of 250ml.
  • 16 Flasks of 250ml.
  • 16 Flasks of 500ml.

Optional Accessories :

  1. Timer 0-24 Hours
  2. 16 Flasks of 100ml. instead of 9 flasks of 250ml.
  3. 9 Flasks of 500ml or 25 flasks of 100ml instead of 16 flasks of 250ml.
  4. 25 Flasks of 250ml or 36 flasks of 100ml instead of 16 flasks of 500ml.


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