aquaMAX™ Basic Series

Product Description

YL aquaMAX Basic 360 Series is the water purification system that produces pure water from tap or underground water.This system can reject more than 99% of inorganic and organic contaminants in the feed water. 

· The highest water quality
– Easy to upgrade by adding R.O Post pack to produce Type Ⅱ water (ASTM)
– Auto-rinsing to keep constant water quality.
– Sensing Cell to display accurate water quality (Conductivity & Resistivity) by automatic temperature compensation

· Convenience for users
– One-touch clip type filters : Easy to replace filters by user
– Monitoring self test, filter replacement, Auto-rinsing and service check
– Separated modules for easy maintenance

· Safety Function
– Pressure Regulator to prevent the instrument from damage by constant pressure.
– Pressure blocking: High and low pressure limit blocking for safe operation

· Attractive price
– The higher water quality you get, the lower cost we provide.


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